Welcome To Our Bulldog Family

Chances are, you’re here because you’re curious about bulldogs.

Enchanted by their unique charm, their comical expressions, seeking tips for caring for your wrinkled companion, understanding your bulldog’s needs, solutions to typical bulldog quirks, adorable bulldog photos (we have lots!), or maybe something more?

I created Bulldog Advisor because I, too, was once seeking answers to these very questions and more.

Author Stephen and a Bulldog
Stephen & Sugar

Hi there, I’m Stephen, the heart and soul behind Bulldog Advisor. My life changed forever when a bulldog first trotted into it, bringing a bundle of joy, slobber, and endless love. Since then, I’ve been completely immersed in the world of bulldogs, learning every nuance of their care, understanding their unique personalities, and advocating for their wellbeing.

Author Stephen and a Bulldog
Stephan & Sugar

I’m not just an enthusiast; I’m a devoted bulldog parent, a storyteller, and a friend to these adorable wrinkly companions. My days are filled with laughter, a few stubborn standoffs (usually about bath time!), and lots of cuddles.

I started Bulldog Advisor to share this journey, offering a mix of expert advice, personal stories, and a community for fellow bulldog lovers.

When I’m not busy typing away on my blog or engaging with our wonderful community, you’ll find me in the park, playing fetch with my bulldog buddies, or curled up on the sofa with a book and a snoring pup by my side.

Let’s celebrate everything about bulldogs, from their goofy grins to their heart-melting gazes. Join me on this delightful bulldog journey!

Introducing Our Bulldog-loving Experts

Dr. Emily Nguyen, DVM – The Bulldog Health Guru

When it comes to understanding the health and well-being of bulldogs, Dr. Emily Nguyen is our go-to expert. As a licensed veterinarian with a special love for bulldogs, she contributes invaluable insights on health, nutrition, and care specific to our beloved breed. Her expertise helps ensure that Bulldog Advisor remains a trusted resource for accurate and compassionate bulldog health advice.

Tamsin de la Harpe – The Canine Connector

Tamsin de la Harpe, with her lively spirit and 15 years of experience in dog training and behavior, brings a unique flair to our team. Based in South Africa, she’s deeply engaged in rehabilitating dogs, focusing on their mental and nutritional health. Tamsin’s approach to dog behavior is hands-on and heartfelt, shaped by her life with her own dogs and horses. Her journey in canine behavior is ongoing, as she continues her advanced studies in this field.

Jackson Martinez – The Bulldog Behaviorist

Understanding the quirky, playful nature of bulldogs is Jackson’s specialty. With years of experience in canine behavior, particularly focused on bulldogs, Jackson offers practical training tips and behavior management strategies. His contributions help bulldog owners navigate the unique personality traits of these lovable dogs, ensuring a happy, well-adjusted bulldog family member.

Together with Emily, Tamsin and Jackson, we form a tight-knit team, dedicated to providing the best advice, stories, and tips for bulldog lovers everywhere. Our combined knowledge and love for bulldogs make Bulldog Advisor a comprehensive and heartwarming place for all things bulldogs.

Let’s Talk Bulldogs!

Got a bulldog query or a tale to tell? I’m just a click away! Visit the Contact Page to send me a message. I’m excited to hear from fellow bulldog enthusiasts and can’t wait to share in your bulldog adventures!